Auto Insurance Quotes are the First Step to Saving Yourself from Financial Ruin

Auto insurance is an important purchase that can make the difference between keeping your life together and financial ruin in the case of an accident. Many people are annoyed that they are required to purchase auto insurance, and many believe they are never going to get into an accident making insurance pointless. Here is a brief rundown of what you could potentially pay for in an accident. These costs will hopefully make it obvious as to why everyone should find good auto insurance quotes.

Medical Expenses

For most states, if you are found to be at fault for an accident, you will be required to pay for you and the other party's medical expenses. This means you and your passengers, and anyone in the other vehicle – if there's two packed SUVs, that's 16 people's medical bills! These expenses can easily cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Medical expenses can be anything from stitches, to burns, broken bones, or extended ICU care. After the hospital stay, physical therapy might be needed, as well as other adjustments to life - perhaps medical equipment or an accessible home or vehicle. Even if you are not found to be at fault, you could be stuck with the bill if the other driver is uninsured or not adequately insured. Technically you could sue the other party for damages, but even if you win it isn't guaranteed you will ever actually receive the money – or enough of it. Purchasing personal injury protection or other insurance can cover these bills for you. You can make adjustments to your auto insurance quotes to see how much it will cost to add this type of coverage.

Property Damage

Again, if you are at fault for an accident, in most states you will be required to pay for the damages done to your and the other person's vehicle. You might have to pay for minor repairs such as a cracked windshield or dented bumper. In other cases you will need to pay for the replacement of the entire vehicle and its contents. If the other person does not have transportation during this time, you could be responsible for paying for a rental car.

Additional Damages

Other types of expenses occur in an accident as well. You could be responsible for paying for the lost wages of the other party if they are unable to work due to being in the accident. Additionally, sometimes you will have to pay for emotional damage, funeral expenses, and lawyer or court fees. A single funeral can cost $10,000!

As you can see, car accidents can end up costing a whole lot of money. Unless you have the funds stored away to cover these costs, an insurance policy is the single best thing you can do to protect you and others on the road. Thousands of people are involved in accidents every day, and many of them are great drivers who were just on the road with the wrong people. Go online today and search for auto insurance quotes, and find one that provides you with adequate coverage at a good price.